Thursday, January 10, 2008

How to install Java 1.6 on Debian Etch Stable

Update: Here is a smarter way

Presently, only java 1.5 (aka java 5) is in the stable repository. Therefore, a little bit of work is needed to install java 1.6.

Start by downloading the files you need from the unstable repository, here.

Download all the files you need, I got the following ones:


If you want the doc package, you need to download the documentation zip ( from manually, and do the following:

chown root
chgrp root
mv /tmp/

Then I tried a simple

dpkg -i sun-java6-*

to install the packages but they have dependencies on libraries not yet in stable, so I tried to install them manually just to see what apt would tell me:

apt-get install unixodbc libstdc++5

This didn't work of course, but apt suggested that I'd try

apt-get -f install

which amazingly worked. After that java installed like a charm. Don't forget to select the right java version after you're done:

update-alternatives --config java

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